Protected with d3o technology

Our most protective case ever! Iceland Ultra MagSafe D3O® is reinforced with D3O® material to provide the thinnest and most advanced impact protection and shock absorption.

Nothing protects better than D3O®. D3O® is the world's leading impact protection company and is used by professional athletes, soldiers, and motorcyclists to keep them safe – if they trust D3O®, you can too.

dbramante1928 protected by D3O drop protection dbramante1928 protected by D3O drop protection
How D3O technologies work with dbramante1928

how D3O® technologies work

D3O® uses non-Newtonian principles to protect your phone.

In its raw, flexible form, its molecules flow freely. When the unexpected happens, such as a sudden bump or drop, these molecules lock together, absorbing the impact and dissipating its energy.

Result? A protective case that keeps your phone going forlonger.

they trust D3O®

D3O produces the world’s best protection for people and their things, from the everyday to the extraordinary.

It is used to provide lifesaving head protection for the military, fit-and-forget protection for motorcyclists, best in class protection for mountain bikers on the gnarliest descents, trusted impact protection for your phone… and much more.