We aim to protect more than just your tech.

We want to help sustain the planet that sustains us all. That’s why we have adopted sustainably and socially responsible policies across our business and continuously work to ensure all our activities are in line with the latest climate science.

We can proudly say we are the only case brand that:

  • Has been approved by the international climate initiative SBTi (Science Based Climate initiative).
  • Has been rewarded with a gold medal from EcoVadis for our sustainability efforts.
  • Are backed by the United Nations as a signatory to the UN Global Compact initiative.
  • Works with WWF Denmark as a partner in their conservation project in Rwenzori mountains National park, Uganda.
Our philosophy:

Always forward

While we’re proud of our work, we recognise that we’re not perfect, and may never be. In an ever-changing world, sustainability is and should always be a journey. To us “always forward” means, we never stop striving to improve. We believe that the future belongs to those who dare to be front-runners in the green transition.

Pink sand colour phone case from the Monaco collection

We are committed to reducing our CO2 emissions to net zero no later than 2050, as well as catching up with our historic climate footprint. We strive to ensure our entire production chain is sustainable, from our products and distribution to packaging and energy consumption. Our goal is to become a climate-positive company, which means we essentially aim to give more back than we take.

To achieve our mission to operate in a way that helps protect the planet for future generations, we have partnered up with WWF Denmark, a part of the world’s largest independent organization for nature, climate, and environmental conservation. With guidance from WWF Denmark, we can assure that our sustainability targets are science-based.

Read more about our partnership with WWF here.


SBTi APPROVED, EcoVadis gold medal and UN Global Compact commitment

It is important to us that the efforts regarding sustainability make a difference. That’s why we always ensure that we employ the newest scientific knowledge around sustainability and that the certifications we have come from credible institutions.

We have set ambitious climate targets in line with the Paris Agreement that has been approved by the international climate initiative, SBTi (Science Based Target initiative). Our work has also led to a gold medal from EcoVadis, the world's most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. We are the only case brand that has been approved by the SBTi.

As a part of the UN’s Global Compact - the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative - we have committed to adopting sustainable and socially responsible policies in correspondence with their ten principles around human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

ecovadis gold star 2023

LittleBigHelp partnership

When it comes to sustainability we must not forget that in the end sustainability is about people's well-being. To us, sustainability and social responsibility go hand in hand.

As a Danish company with a factory in Kolkata, India, it made sense for us to give back to the community we work in. Since 2013 we have collaborated with the Danish NGO LittleBigHelp, who works to create better opportunities for vulnerable children and women in West Bengal, India. By purchasing any dbramante1928 product, some of the profit it generates is donated to LBH. With the support from you and our distributors, we have raised approx. 2 million DKK for LBH.

Just like us, sustainability is a big part of LBH’s work, but for them, it’s not primarily about CO2 emissions. Instead, they work to ensure the people they help get the skills to create a better future for themselves and their families.

Read more about LittleBigHelp here

dbramante1928 production facility

Our production

We work to change the industry by providing sustainable device protection made from GRS (Global Recycled Standard)-certified recycled materials and/or long-lasting full-grain leather - all made without compromise on quality, functionality, and design.

Yet, using sustainable materials is not enough. Ensuring that our productions are as sustainable as possible, is also a huge part of why we can claim ourselves as the world’s most sustainable choice in the mobile accessories market.

Our commitment to our employees:

We have 700+ skilled and trained artisans working in our factory. It is thanks to them that we can deliver leather goods of the absolute best quality. We believe that a happy and engaged workforce is the key to our company’s success. That’s why every person in our organisation is important to us, and why we go beyond the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and SA8000 (Social Accountability International) standards for our factory workers. By providing benefits such as health insurance for key workers and their families, we want to ensure both job satisfaction and peace of mind.

Our leather goods production:

100% CO2-neutral

We fully control the entire production of our leather goods. This way, we can ensure that our products are of the right quality, that our production is as sustainable as possible and that our employees work in the best possible conditions.

All our leather goods are produced in our factory in Kolkata, India. The factory is 5,000 m2 and is powered by solar cells placed on the roof, which is one of the main reasons why we can proudly say that our production is 100% CO2-neutral. Another reason is that our artisans make all our products by hand, using traditional methods that require minimal use of energy-intensive machinery.

We can proudly say, we are the only leather goods manufacturer in the world with a 100% CO2-neutral production.

Our recycled goods production:

Danish production in 2022

Our recycled bags are handcrafted at our leather factory in India, making their production 100% CO2-neutral. The rest of our recycled products are produced in China, but we are on a mission to change that. In 2022 we will move a part of our production to Denmark. The goal is to reap the sustainable benefits of local production. The move will lead to;

massive reductions in our CO2 footprint through local production and using green energy for this productionsignificant improvements to our freight emissions by not having stock delivered from Chinamuch quicker delivery for both BtB & Retail marketless overproduction as we can produce on a daily basis to fulfil real-time demandus being able to create a closed-loop production by reusing return/write-off products to make new products

All in all our Danish production will reduce our CO2 emissions by a minimum of 80% when compared to our current production in China.

When it comes to our production in China, we always ensure that our manufacturers have the right compliances and certificates.

Our current Chinese production

We have a strict vendor code of conduct in place, where we demand transparency from our vendors and subcontractors. Within this code of conduct, we require audits conducted and improved via either the Amfori BSCI or the Sedex SMETA system. Both are social audit systems to assess our suppliers, monitor the health and safety of workers, and signal zero tolerance of human rights abuses such as child and forced labour. Once an audit is complete, our supplier businesses can work on addressing any potential issues found, based on a Corrective Action Plan system. This ensures that we can fulfil our mission to enable organisations to enhance human prosperity, use natural resources responsibly and drive open trade globally. As part of this mission, we are helping our vendors to work towards the fulfilment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Furthermore, it is a hard requirement that they are GRS-certified on all levels (factory, material, and production units) or have a full Scope Certificate accompanied by a Transaction Certificate, which means the company is eligible to process the certified products on their list and that the products are certified.

In addition, our manufacturer always uses hydropower when possible.

Our sustainability timeline

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